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What's The Difference Between A Car Air Purifier And An Ordinary Air Purifier?

- Jan 10, 2018 -

First of all to understand the difference between vehicle and home, the car is with the vibration, different areas of temperature, such as summer exposure, the car temperature is very high, up to 85 ℃, specific to understand the concept of car regulation level, which is much higher than the standard of household.

In theory, car air purifiers need to achieve this standard, but at present most of the rear-mounted market, generally did not reach the concept of car regulation.

Some people say that the air purifier technology is simple, can be directly modified air-conditioning filter, in fact, there is a misunderstanding, the filter network is a certain resistance, different levels of the filter network resistance is different, Can effectively filter PM2.5 filter known as HEPA high efficiency filter, at the same time the resistance is also very large, if directly modified for air-conditioning filter will affect the air conditioning, so the car depot in general with the coarse effect of the filter, reduce resistance.

So the air purifier inside the car said, from the actual market on the 800-1000 yuan of the air purifier has a little effect, pure anion of the air purifier although small, but the basic is no effect, mainly see Cadr value size, according to the car Space 3m³ calculate, 1 hours can have a 5 times cycle, the effect is very good, is Cadr value >15m³/h.

Also want to look at the product work, good product styling like an ornament, embellishment in the car is also very good.

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