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What Kinds Of Car Air Purifier Main Points

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Car Air purifier is mainly divided into the front-mounted car air purifier and rear-mounted car air purifier

The front-mounted type is often the factory through the original air-conditioning system upgrades, so as to filter into the car air.

The rear-mounted type often becomes the owner's choice without such a system.

Let's focus on the two indicators of the air purifier: Cadr refers to the amount of air that can be purified per hour. CCM refers to the total weight of the purified pollutant when the cadr value decays to 50%. In short, the higher the two indicators, the better The Cleaner effect.

The front-mounted air purifier benefits from the arrangement in the air-conditioning system, can be equipped with a large area of HEPA strainer, so that the purification effect is obvious. Data from SAIC show that its air purification system can filter out more than 80% of the harmful particles within 5 minutes, and 10 minutes to achieve an air quality that is 10 times times better than the external environment.

Then mounted air purifier is limited to the vehicle environment, HEPA strainer is very small, at the same time the fan also takes into account the noise and the power of 12V power supply, also do a small, such car air purifier in the CADR and CCM two indicators can not be compared with the front-mounted air purifier.

In addition, in the internal circulation mode, the use of car-mounted air purifier can not solve the problem of carbon dioxide concentration in the car, after a long period of time using the internal circulation mode, still need to carry out ventilation, so that the dirty air outside the car into the car. And the front-mounted type can be sent in the external circulation mode of fresh clean air continuously.

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