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What Is The Function Of Home Air Purifier

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Product function:

1 home air purifier kills germs

The European Space Agency's ESP plasma module can adsorb and kill a large number of cold viruses that live and spread in indoor air. Coronavirus, pneumonia virus, hepatitis virus, mites and many other bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, microorganisms and so on, so that you stay away from all kinds of harmful germs, to breathe the fresh and healthy clean air, Reduce the infection of respiratory disease, and effectively alleviate the symptoms of respiratory diseases such as colds, asthma and lung disease.

2. Home Air purifier to remove particulate matter

What is most harmful to people in the air is less than 2.5 microns of particulate matter, which can enter human cells and blood. In this way, the arterial wall begins to form sediments, blood will be thicker than normal blood, and contain clots, under their joint action, arteries will be blocked, so that blood flow interrupted, myocardial infarction, cerebral haemorrhage, arteriosclerosis, stroke and other cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, The ESP plasma module can adsorb particles as small as 0.1 microns (one out of 10,000 mm), let you breathe clean air, reduce the incidence of various cardio-cerebrovascular diseases; ESP Plasma module can also be very good decomposition contains tar, nicotine, lead, arsenic, mercury and other carcinogens up to more than 4,000 kinds of second-hand smoke, The whole heart protects the health of your family.

3, the Family air purifier eliminates the allergy source

ESP Plasma module for allergy-prone pollen, rhinitis allergens, particulate dust has an extremely significant removal effect, the overall removal effect of up to 99.9%, so that susceptible to allergies, rhinitis and laryngitis of children and pregnant women to get a heart-to-heart care

4, molecular sieve activated carbon double-layer adsorption technology: aviation-grade nano-active carbon and molecular sieve mixing, three-dimensional adsorption filtration, more powerful adsorption capacity, higher than the general activated carbon on a hundredfold, adsorption decomposition of more than 95% of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful gases, quickly eliminate the airtight environment of smoke smell, alcohol and other odor pollution and furniture, Jewelry, such as the odor, eliminate the decomposition of smoke in the harmful human health chemicals, adsorption 99.97% 0.3 microns above the floating particles (bacteria, mites corpse, dust particles, etc.), rapid fresh indoor air.

5, 10 million high concentration anion occurrence technology: purify blood, eliminate harmful free radicals

Built-in high concentration negative ion generator, pulse-type release of 10 million negative ions per second, create an ecological forest bathing environment, to the human body ecological root of the brain health care, purify the blood, eliminate harmful free radicals, to eliminate fatigue, enhance brain activity, relieve mental stress and irritable mood effect, Let your indoor space as fresh and natural as the forest after rain.

6, the front filter: the use of its high density and permeability of physical properties, effective removal of hair, debris and other sources of pollution, filter suspended in the air dust particles.

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