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What Is The Difference Between Air Freshener And Air Purifier?

- Feb 28, 2018 -

1. Air freshener

Air freshener, also known as "Environmental Perfume", air freshener by ethanol, essence, deionized water and other components, through the distribution of fragrance to cover up the smell, to alleviate the discomfort of people feel uncomfortable.

The advantage of Air freshener is: 1, the price is cheap 2, easy to use 3, the choice of flavor more

The most obvious defect of air freshener:

It contains ingredients that may cause harm to the human body. There are many kinds of air fresheners in the market, but basically by ether, essence and other components, these substances in the air after the chemical decomposition of the gas produced by some of the components itself is air pollution, which is actually exacerbated indoor air pollution degree, the long-term use of the human body will produce undesirable stimuli. In addition, the air freshener contains aromatic agent on the human nervous system will also be harmful to stimulate the child's respiratory mucosa and so on. Air freshener of different flavor

B. It does not decompose harmful gases to achieve the purpose of fresh air. Its role is to cover the odor by emitting odor, rather than with the air caused by the smell of the gas reaction, that is, the effect of air freshener does not eliminate the harmful gas in the air, it is only by confusing people's sense of smell to "dilute" odor.

2. Air Purifier

Air purifier is to purify the air, kill bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and other so-called sterilization, but also can remove indoor air formaldehyde, phenol and so on and so on organic pollution gas, but also can kill or filter pollen and other allergic sources. At the same time, smoking smoke and smoke, the bad smell of toilets, human body odor and other effective removal.

The air purifier is usually composed of a negative ion generator, a breeze fan, an air filter and other systems. Its working principle is: The Machine Breeze Fan (also known as the ventilator) to make the indoor air circulation flow, the polluted air passes through the air of several layers of filter, will all kinds of pollutant removal or adsorption, and then installed in the outlet anion generator (in the work of negative ion generators in the high-pressure production of DC negative high pressure), the air constantly ionized, Produce a large number of negative ions, by the breeze fan sent out, the formation of negative ions airflow, to clean and purify the air.

The essential difference between air fresheners and air purifiers is:

Air freshener: Does not decompose harmful gases, to achieve the purpose of fresh air. Its role is to cover the odor by emitting odor.

Air Purifier: It has the function of filtering dust, eliminating peculiar smell and harmful gas, double sterilization, releasing anion and so on. Can truly achieve the purpose of cleaning and purifying air.

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