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What Is A Floor-mounted Fresh Air System

- Jan 18, 2018 -

Today, the ADA air purifier experts to popularize the introduction of the new floor system.

The fresh air system of the house is a subdivision product of the domestic fresh wind system. High-speed brushless DC motor driven centrifugal fan, inhalation of outdoor air, using 5D medical purification technology, the harmful substances in the air filtration, sterilization, dust removal, oxygen treatment, continuously into the indoor fresh air. The indoor air flow field is formed to meet the need of indoor ventilation.

What are the characteristics of the floor-mounted fresh air system? How does it work? Features: Easy to install, only need to open a 108mm hole in the outer wall of the room, connect the floor-mounted fresh air system hose, fixed after the can. The new-floor fresh air system effectively solves the problem of pipeline laying in the central fresh air system and the difficult installation after decoration.

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