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What Are The Purifying Materials For The Air Purifier?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Indoor air purification materials are adapted to indoor environmental pollution market needs to develop. In a short span of several years, the development of air freshener, odor removal agent, formaldehyde capture agent, benzene scavenger, atayal blue harmful gas adsorbent and other products. All kinds of new photocatalyst and cold catalyst materials have become the hotspot of new product development, continuous new products into the market, the original titanium Photocatalyst technology, not only inherited the technology of the early nano-materials, photocatalysis and antimicrobial antibacterial and other basic functions, and through the upgrading of its own activation technology, mixed technology and coating dispersion technology, Further enhance the photocatalyst's technical efficacy, and use the principle of Chinese herbal medicine to remove harmful gas in the indoor air pollution to become the main products.

(i) Activated carbon

(ii) Photocatalyst

(iii) Biological enzymes

(iv) Formaldehyde elimination agent


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