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The Haze Is Not Terrible, It Is Terrible That You Did Not Choose The Right Air Purifier

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Since this winter, because of the impact of frequent haze, the air purifier market has also ushered in the peak. And for the dazzling variety of purifier brand how we should choose, Austrian air purifier expert is such a talk about the purchase of Air purifier, first of all to determine whether the home is sensitive people, such as the elderly, children, chronic respiratory diseases, mites or pollen allergy, and so on, the use of the site has no pollution sources, such as household pollution, pets, nearby factories, Catering, road, site, outdoor atmosphere and other factors to see if it is necessary to purchase, and then according to the main treatment of target pollutants identified models.

When we buy air purifiers, it's not as good as a certain indicator.

First, we need to estimate the applicable area of the air purifier. Suppose the room area is 16 square meters, the Purifier application area =cadr (Clean air quantity) xk. K value range is 0.08~0.12, the calculation can generally take 0.1. 16 square meters of site can be considered Cadr value in 150~200 cubic meters/hour products. Too low to achieve the purification effect, too high, will pay more investment and consume more energy. Core performance indicators Cadr initial clear, and then according to the location, determine whether to remove formaldehyde and other gaseous pollutants or odor, if necessary to buy products with corresponding functions.

In addition, can also be based on personal lifestyle, the use of different habits to choose energy efficiency, noise, humidification, filter material replacement reminders, air quality sensors, mobile phone app control, ultraviolet lamp sterilization and other functions of the products.

When used, because the air purifier itself does not have oxygen-making function, long-term use in the relatively confined space will lead to low oxygen content in the environment, affecting human health. Therefore, the long-term use of air purifiers to pay attention to the timely opening of the window ventilation.

Ke Tellson to achieve a better purification effect, in the case of poor outdoor air quality, the purifier should be used to minimize the opening of the window to reduce the introduction of new pollutants, while not shielding the inlet and outlet. The choice of the purifier should be in the appropriate size of the room to use, room too large may cause the purifier Cadr is not enough to form air circulation indoors.


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