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The Difference Between Air Purifier And Air Freshener

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Car air freshener also known as "environmental Perfume", is the current purification car air environment, improve air quality The most common method, because of easy to carry, easy to use and cheap, air fresheners become a lot of driver friend Clean air in the car's first choice, its working principle is very simple, that is, in the stench of the matter to add a small amount of pharmaceutical , through the chemical reaction to achieve deodorization purposes and the use of strong aromatic substances concealed odor, so the air freshener in fact did not remove the odor in the car, just a flavor to cover up the smell.

However, if it is for the sake of the health of the family, do not use air freshener, because it not only can not remove air pollution, but also is likely to contain harmful ingredients to the human body, is simply to add insult to injury. There are many kinds of air fresheners in the market, but basically by ether, flavor and other components, these substances in the air after the chemical decomposition of the gas produced by some of the components itself is air pollution, which is actually exacerbated the air pollution in the car, long-term use of the human body will produce undesirable stimuli. In addition, the air freshener contains aromatic agent on the human nervous system will also be harmful to stimulate the child's respiratory mucosa and so on.

Authentic Air purifier is reliable

The safest and most effective way to purify the air inside the car is to use an air purifier that produces reactive oxygen, also known as "oxygen in the car." Its working principle is the use of reactive oxygen technology, the use of high technology through high-frequency oscillation, rapid generation of negative ions, in addition to eliminating the car inside the air odor, but also has disinfection, sterilization, mildew and refreshing and other effects, and traditional air freshener compared to The main characteristics of the air purifier are two: first, it can completely eliminate the harmful gas in the car to achieve the purpose of purifying air quality, the second is that it produces negative ions also conducive to physical health, improve human immunity.

But now the market on the type of air purifiers, brands are more and more, if the choice is not a clue, so as to choose a good reputation brand products, ADA air purifier to provide you with safe service


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