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The Birth And Development Of Automobile Air Purifier

- Dec 22, 2017 -

After the Industrial Revolution, many parts of the world vigorously developed heavy industry,

Leading to a plummeting air quality poses a serious threat to human health, including the famous "Los Angeles photochemical Smog event". In order to improve air quality, in addition to the introduction of long-term air management policy, many scientific research institutions are also actively research and development of air purification technology, the first time for consumers to bring a healthy breathing experience. Of course, these technologies were not used in cars at first. After a long period of conversion of ideas, when people realize that the air in the car is also seriously polluted, car-specific vehicle air purification technology is gradually getting attention.

Many countries have strict control over air quality in cars. In this regard, on March 1, 2012, China also introduced the "Passenger Car Air quality Evaluation Guide", the release of the Guide for air purification in cars in the domestic development has played a great role in promoting. Not only domestic brands, many well-known foreign brands have also landed in the Chinese market, car air purifiers are also popular

car air purifier.jpg

  • Automatic Solar Car Air Purifier
  • Highly Effective Plasma Plus Tio2 Air Purifying Solar Car Air Purifier
  • Wall Mounted Air Ventilation Machine Exhaust Air Exchange for Office for Hotel
  • Air Purifier Remote Control
  • Air Cleaner For Home
  • ODM Air Purifier for Small Room Bedroom for Smoke Allergies Tobacco HEPA Filter Carbon Filter

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