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The Air Purifier Is To Study What Kind Of Structure Mode

- Apr 11, 2018 -

1, other layout of air purifier include dynamic washing, static aroma differentiation, activated carbon and plant adsorption. 

2, the air purifier release layout, ionization deodorization and deodorization type: it is the first equipment with ion attack equipment (positive ion attack device, negative ion attack device, positive and negative ion attack device, hydrogen oxygen free radical attack device, etc.). When the machine is working, the seizure release a lot of ion groups or free radicals into the air, differentiating the organic molecules in the air and changing their layout, making the harmful and tasteless molecules into harmless and tasteless molecules.

3, the electric field layout of the air purifier, adsorption deodorant removing bacteria: it is high voltage electric field (usually reached 5000 - 9000 volt high pressure; but the higher the voltage, the more ozone happens, the ozone overrun is the air pollution target) as the primary equipment. When the machine is working, the high-voltage electric field film adsors the air pollution molecules, and damages the layout of pollution molecules, and reaches the intention of removing dust and eliminating odor.

4, air purifier filter layout, differentiated adsorption filter type: it uses filter screen (separate function and independent function and compound function) as the primary equipment. When the machine works, it pollutes the air into the machine filter screen, filters the air to differentiate, filter and filter. After that, it comes out of clean air. .


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