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Purification Effect Of Air Purifier

- Jul 03, 2018 -

First compare it with air purification efficiency. Passive adsorption purification mode air purifiers mostly use the fan + filter mode for air purification, the wind use air flow will inevitably have a dead angle, so passive air purification can only produce a certain purification around the air purifier placed The effect is that it takes a long time to completely filter the indoor air, which is difficult to purify the entire indoor environment.

Active air purification utilizes the diffuse nature of air to bring the purification factor to all corners for air purification, and the air can be diffused to produce a purification effect. Comparing with the negative ion air purifier, it is found that after the negative ions are released from the air, the negative ions can actively attack, find the pollutants in the air, and agglomerate into a group to actively settle them. From this point of view, active air purification has obvious advantages.

The second is to compare the removal effect of small particles of air pollutants. Among the air pollutants, the most harmful to humans is fine particles with a diameter of less than 2.5 microns (ie PM2.5, medically called lung particles).

The experimental study found that for PM2.5 and other small particles, the passive purification mode seems to be powerless. Small particles such as PM2.5 can easily penetrate the filter, activated carbon and other substances, and re-enter the air to endanger human health.

Compared with the negative ion air purifier based on the principle of active purification, it is found that the negative ions in the air can easily remove large particle size particles in the air, and it is difficult for the air purifier to be less than 0.01 inch in diameter. The removed particulate dust has a 100% sedimentation removal effect. The ecological-grade negative ion generation technology that mimics nature has been introduced. It is characterized by small particle size and high activity, and achieves better air optimization effect with its excellent diffusion effect and health care effect.

Finally, a comparative analysis of the quality of air treatment is performed. The study found that under the principle of passive air purification, if the pore size of the filter is small enough, the result of air treatment can only achieve the purpose of purification, that is, only "clean" air can be obtained; while the negative ion air purifier is different, not only can Effectively removes particulate pollutants in the air, decomposes harmful gases such as formaldehyde, provides clean air to the indoor environment, and provides air negative ions that have an effective effect on human health care in the indoor environment, so that indoor air quality reaches "healthy air". standard.

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