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Mistaken Use Of Air Purifier

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Misunderstanding one: No matter how large the square meters, the number of rooms, one is enough.

Truth: It depends on how many sets to put. The purifying area of the purifier is calculated by the CADR of particulate matter (clean air), the applicable area of the Aham standard is 0.08*CADR, and the applicable area of national standard = (0.07-0.12) * CADR.

When the family considers the living space to match the purifier, when the comprehensive consideration of the purifier description of the single application area and the largest space processing effectiveness, a general air purifier corresponding to meet a room, large-type rooms can be considered to the number of rooms for the standard equipped with the corresponding air purifier.

Misunderstanding two: The kitchen puts air purifier, that wants the range hood to do what

Truth: The cooking fume produced in the family is one of the important sources of indoor PM2.5. Kitchen is a home air purification consideration of a hardest hit, conventional understanding of kitchen air has hood enough to deal with, But objectively the cooking process produced by the oil fume is an important source of indoor PM2.5, and soot for air pollution is very serious, in the family cooking process and after the end of the range hood continuous work for some time at the same time, the kitchen equipped with an air purifier is also a good purification option.

Myth Three: a screen to Permanent

Truth: At present, the filter commonly used in air purifier is HEPA strainer, HEPA filter is gradually saturated with the increase of particulate matter, which leads to the efficiency of the purifier is reduced and the energy consumption is increased.

Many families in the use of air purifier process, it is easy to ignore the air Purifier filter life cycle and the use of clean, in the purifier operation, as the absorption of the increase and purification function of the decline, the role of the screen will continue to reduce and close to the life cycle, Currently on the market more brands of air purifiers will be intelligent reminders to replace the filter screen and cleaning tips, in need of replacement must be replaced in a timely manner.

About two times pollution of the screen, the main reason is that the particles adsorbed on the network will become a hotbed of viral pathogens, breeding, breeding bacteria, if the long time does not change, continue to use not only will not play a purification effect, but also become a source of pollution.

Choose the air purifier, in addition to the selection of high Cadr value, high CCM value, energy efficiency and low-noise equipment, but also in accordance with the actual use of the home area and specific needs to decide. Choose the most suitable for your home air purification equipment, in order to completely improve the living environment.

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