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International Standards For Carbon Filters For Air Cleaners

- Oct 17, 2017 -

International standards for air purifier carbon filter

International standards for air purifier carbon filter

Air purifying filter is a basic component for gas filtration and gas cleaning.

International standard air purifier filter carbon content includes the basic concepts of air purification, domestic hospitals and pharmaceutical industry air cleanliness grading standards, methods and technologies of air purification, the design principle of the clean room, clean room environment and facilities layout requirements, health management of the clean room, clean room monitoring indicators and methods.

First, related concepts

Air purification: the act of removing contaminants from the air and making the air clean.

Cleanliness (cleanliness): allowable statistics of suspended particles containing more than or equal to a particle size per unit volume of air in a clean environment.

Clean room (zone) (clean room (area)): room (area) requiring control of dust and microbial content. Its building structure, equipment and its function have the function of reducing the interference, generation and retention of pollution sources in the room (region).

Local air purification (localized air purification): only make the indoor area specific local space air containing suspended particle concentration reached the air cleanliness level stipulated in this way, said local air purification.

Unidirectional air flown: a flow that flows along a parallel flow line with a constant velocity, a single passage, and a single direction.

Non unidirectional (nonunidirectional air flown): having a plurality of paths or cycle characteristics of the airflow direction is not parallel, does not meet the definition of unidirectional flow, has been called the turbulence.

Two. Requirements of air cleanliness in pharmaceutical production environment

(1) final sterilization drugs: 100-10 grade

(2) non final sterilization drugs: 100 thousand grade -30 million class

(3) other sterilization drugs: Grade 10 thousand for the preparation and filling of eye drops for corneal trauma or surgery.

(4) clean work clothes: clean clothes in Grade 100 thousand or above should be washed, dried and arranged in the clean room (area), and should be sterilized as required.

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