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How To Use And Maintain Air Purifier Correctly

- Dec 07, 2017 -

1, the careful reading of random documents (use instructions, installation instructions), in particular, carefully check the manufacturers marked the use of possible risks, the correct installation of filter materials, dust and other related components, in strict accordance with the manufacturer's proposed process operation of air purifier.

2, in order to achieve a better purifying effect, in the case of poor outdoor air quality, air purifier to minimize the use of Windows to reduce the introduction of new pollutants, while not blocking the inlet and outlet; the air purifier for purchase should be used in a suitable size room, The room is too large to cause the air purifier to be cadr enough to form an air cycle indoors.

3, with purification of solid-state, gaseous pollutants air purifier in the purification of higher concentrations of pollutants or long-term use, the purification capacity of the obvious decline, in order to ensure the purification effect, the need for timely replacement of the corresponding filter materials, to avoid the pollution of heavy filter materials continue to work brought about two pollution.

4, decoration materials or furniture contained in the formaldehyde is a continuous release of the state, the maximum release time can reach several years, and the new material or furniture, formaldehyde release rate, the greater the actual concentration of formaldehyde in the room can be understood as the purification rate of air purifier and formaldehyde release rate of competition, purification rate of the dominant concentration drop, The release rate is higher than the concentration. In view of some of the new home formaldehyde release may be far greater than the normal room, it is recommended to use Air Purifier and open window ventilation combined treatment, or try to choose relatively environmentally friendly decoration materials and furniture.

5, the role of air purifier is to purify the indoor air, itself does not have the function of oxygen production, long-term in the relative confined space use will lead to low oxygen content in the environment, affecting human health. Long-term use of air purifier should pay attention to the timely opening of the window ventilation.

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