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How To Choose Air Purifier

- Dec 25, 2017 -

The first thing to look at is its four hard indicators:

1, Air Purifier fan Wind volume index

Efficient filtration of the air purifier must ensure that indoor air to achieve a certain number of times, that is, the need for air Purifier built-in fan has a certain amount of air. The efficient purification effect comes from the strong circulating air volume, especially the air purifier with the blower, which requires the air purifier to have good air circulation, and the motor is the heart of the air circulation system. The standard requirements of the Purifier 1th hour need to filter the entire room air more than 5 times, the average every 12 minutes to filter once, the amount of air is too small, harmful substances can not be fully decomposed; the air volume is too large, obviously waste Therefore, under normal circumstances, for a house height of 3m, the area of 20m2 around the room, it is best to buy a wind in the 60m3/h about the air purifier. So as to achieve the real purification effect.

2. Purification efficiency index of air purifier

Purification efficiency (CADR) value national standard evaluation of air purifier performance of the main indicators, the higher the number, it means that the air purifier clean air output ratio is larger, the purification efficiency of the cleaner is higher. Consumers in the purchase of air purifier, must look at the purification efficiency of the value of the value, the higher the efficiency of purification, the purification of the cleaner performance of the higher, such as the indoor air quality has higher requirements, you need to choose the purification efficiency of more than 200 of the product.

3, Air Purifier Energy Efficiency Index

Energy efficiency ratio is the National Air Purifier Standard measurement of air purifier purification performance and power consumption of an important indicator, the higher the number, representing the more energy-efficient air purifier, this indicator is in line with the concept of green environmental protection. The energy efficiency ratio of an air purifier with good energy efficiency should be greater than 3.5. But pay attention to the choice of the purifier whether there is a fan, because the air purifier with fans more efficient purification, at the same time because of the need to consume energy, the energy efficiency than the relatively not installed fans of the purifier to be higher.

4. Safety Index of Air purifier

In addition to the safety indicators of general household appliances, an important safety indicator for air purifiers is the Ozone Safety Index, which has been shown to be associated with health hazards in indoor air environments, whose concentrations are severely restricted and rigorous testing methods developed. Some air purifiers using electrostatic purification, ultraviolet lamp disinfection and negative ion generators may produce ozone at work, and can be accepted if the ozone indicator is controlled within a safe range.

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