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Function Of Ventilation System

- Sep 25, 2017 -

Function of ventilation system

First, the use of outdoor fresh air to update the indoor air pollution due to living and living process, in order to maintain the cleanliness of indoor air to reach a minimum standard level.

Second, increase the body heat dissipation and prevent the discomfort caused by the moisture of the skin. This type of ventilation system can be called thermal comfort ventilation system.

Third, when the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature, the building components cool down. This type of ventilation system is called building cooling ventilation.

Important areas of ventilation system

application area

I. underground space

Urban rail transit (including subway), underground complex, tunnel, civil air defense works, etc.

Two, clean technology

Semiconductor industry, precision machinery, aerospace, printing, medicine, pharmaceutical, genetic engineering, etc.

Three. Safety ventilation system

Mine ventilation system, fire prevention, smoke exhaust, anti terrorist attacks, ventilation system, etc.

Industrial building ventilation system

Cigarette factory, automobile manufacture, casting workshop, etc.

Four. Agriculture

Vegetable greenhouse, large-scale breeding, botanical garden, zoo and so on

Five, special areas

Hydropower station, communication room, etc.

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