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Function Of ADA388 In Forest Bath Oxygen Generator

- Jan 19, 2018 -

To create a relaxed learning environment, to ease the learning pressure: to provide a high concentration of oxygen, so that the body autonomic nervous function, acetylcholine active, so that the human body full of vitality, attention, memory enhancement, more agile response, so that learning in a relaxed and happy environment.

Benefit brain and brain, eliminate fatigue: increase the oxygen content in human blood, promote the brain of DHA, ARA and other nutrients effective absorption, eliminate brain fatigue, reduce mental stress and impatience, enhance sod (superoxide dismutase) activity, promote blood circulation, benefit brain and brain, improve human immunity.

Elimination of computer radiation: D-he oxygen as a negatively charged oxygen ion group, the formation of anion field, and electrostatic positive charge neutralization, eliminate electrostatic field, effectively prevent computer radiation.


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