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Correct Purchase Of Air Purifier Four Steps Away

- Jan 25, 2018 -

In recent years, the function of air purifier has been from the past, in addition to soot, dust and sterilization and other selling points, to be able to remove formaldehyde, purification PM2.5, at present, almost all brands are known to remove the rate of more than 99%. However, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Consumer Electronics Survey Office, the National Indoor environment and environmental protection products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center issued a joint report shows that the current market mainstream air purifiers, dust removal rate of most of the more than 90%, but the formaldehyde purification rate performance of a large difference, high can reach more than 90%, The low is only a little over 30%.

Experts say the air purifier has a role in purifying indoor air, but consumers in the purchase of air purifiers can not simply listen to the so-called purification efficiency of the business, when you choose to consider the size of the room appropriate, use should be as far as possible to keep the doors and windows closed, after a long period of use should be phased ventilation to let new air into the indoor crowding out waste gas

So how do you understand and buy the right air purifier for your own use?

The first step, to ensure that the environment is sensitive to induction. Air Purifier built-in sensors need to be able to accurately measure the indoor air quality, through the indicator display, and in the automatic mode to choose the corresponding wind speed to ensure the indoor air quality.

In the second step, the most needed air purifier is the new house. New house decoration will leave formaldehyde and other toxic gases, this time need to choose with a composite high-performance formaldehyde filter Air purifier.

In the third step, the person who needs the most healthy air is the baby. Infants are far less resistant to adults and are more susceptible to allergies or bacterial infections, so they need to pick out air purifiers with the most stringent filtration systems.

The fourth step, for the heavenly stem air dry when the total love allergy crowd, in addition to air purifier, humidifier is always indispensable. Choose a humidification function of the air purifier is also a good choice, through the humidification filter, can bring more clean than the ordinary humidifier more healthy moist air, have more comfortable home environment.

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