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Choose The Air Purifier To See Air Conditioner Filter

- Dec 18, 2017 -

With the frequent occurrence of various disasters, the problem of air pollution in the home has become the focus of the people's attention, and for all the family, the air pollution problem in the room also exists. Therefore, the masses need to take certain measures to protect their own and the health of their families.

Thick Haze Day, I can realize the farthest interval is "holding your hand but see not to your face"!

But for the results of indoor air purification, many owners will be "science" in the fashionable air purifier, thinking that with it can be nervous treatment of indoor air.

But not in reality!

Because, rather than to use the air purifier is not too "reliable" to "first purification after the management" of the form of pollution in the room, there is no such as from the source of purification treatment, to my love house to choose a good air conditioner filter, all the atmosphere of purification are completely obstructed outside the room.

In an amateur position, let's take a look at the air purifier of ada, whose inferior performance is at three o ' Times:

1, the adoption of 3M High-tech special part of polypropylene superfine electrostatic fiber, can be ineffective to inhibit the propagation of bacteria, filtering toxic spirit.

2, the use of common electrostatic fiber filtration skills, high filtration frequency, can be ineffective to remove the naked eye helpless to see the harmless micro-dust.

3, the adoption of the loose structure, can be the depth of inclusion of dirt, small barrier, invalid extension of the use of the span of the span.

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