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Can Air Purifier Really Go To Formaldehyde

- Dec 15, 2017 -

The air purifier is literally meant to purify the air, to effectively remove dust and harmful substances from the air. Today's air quality is worrying, all over the haze, the family chose to buy air purifiers to make the home environment healthier, there are many consumers in the new home decoration, or after the purchase of new furniture will also choose to buy, can effectively remove the harmful substances in the air, reduce formaldehyde pollution. Because the pollution of formaldehyde is difficult to use the naked eye or a short period of time can not be detected, some consumers in the use of a period of time, on the simple thought that the air purifier does not remove the function of formaldehyde.

In fact, the current market most of the air purifiers have the ability to remove formaldehyde, but because of each equipment technology, quality is not the same, so the effect of the removal of formaldehyde is naturally different.

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