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Air Purifier Teach You How To Solve Indoor Decoration Pollution

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Indoor decoration pollution that is a cliché of the big problem, there must be a renovation of pollution, which is not a very good solution. In the final analysis, it is because the interior decoration materials mostly contain serious chemical composition, and in indoor this more airtight space, these polluting gases can not be emitted out, also caused the seriousness of indoor decoration pollution.

Although the home decoration with the so-called environmental protection materials, each kind of material pollution is not exceeded, but most likely after finishing, all the material added together led to indoor pollution exceeded.

Indoor most common pollution is formaldehyde, formaldehyde is a colorless soluble irritating gas, can be absorbed through the respiratory tract, can be absorbed through the digestive tract. Prolonged exposure to low doses of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory disease, which can cause leukemia, infertility and cancer. Generally from indoor decorative plywood, low-quality glue, all kinds of decorative materials, such as stickers wall, stickers, chemical fiber carpets, foam Shuo, paint and paint, formaldehyde generally at high temperature, high humidity, negative pressure and high load conditions will be increased distribution.

Austrian air purifier is a special new room for the removal of formaldehyde purification device, the use of five of the world's top aldehyde materials, through catalysis, decomposition, dissolution, oxidation, filtration and other ways to remove formaldehyde completely. By the authority of Xiamen Quality Supervision Bureau testing, 1 hours of formaldehyde removal rate of 95%, 15 minutes to purify a 30㎡ room, far beyond the other similar purification products. 24-hour boot, super strong wind speed only 1 degrees, filter continuous use for up to 3 months, energy-saving and durable. For the new house decoration family can completely remove PM2.5, bacteria, formaldehyde and other pollution, truly healthy air, the whole company.

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