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Air Purifier Selection Strategy: A Two-look Three-touch Four-listen

- May 24, 2017 -

A: Filtration purification method more suitable for

Mainly filtered and static electricity. The main difference is that the former is fitted with a HEPA (HEPA filter) strainer which needs to be replaced, while the latter does not, but requires regular cleaning of electrostatic dust collection components. Filter type air purifier is

At present, the most common type of products in the market, its winning weapon lies in safety and efficiency. This is determined by the principle of its work. Filter Air purifier Adopts the physical purification of the filter. Because it's just filtered.

Physical purification, purified air almost does not have a "side effect" on the human body, it is a safer way.

Said it is effective, because of various types of pollution, filter air purifier will adopt different "coping methods", for example, the pre-filtration network can filter out the larger dust, particles, etc. filter can

To filter out VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful gases and unpleasant odor; The HEPA filter screen can filter out viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, etc., in order to achieve "healthy air" effect.

Second look: Cadr value size is the key

At present, China's consumer awareness of the air purifier, can be summed up simply as "attention to high understanding less." Many consumers don't even know what "Cadr value" is, so they hastily buy the air purification

Manager。 CADR is a recognized Air Purifier Performance Index in the United States and China, and in the same test environment, they can be used to express and contrast the performance of air purifiers.

The Cadr value, the clean air output ratio, represents the volume of the air that can be purified within the unit time, and is a very objective measure of the purifying capacity of the purifier. and high cadr value of the product, it is the best measure of whether the air purifier is effective and qualified. For Cadr, we do not have to go into the study, only know that the larger the CADR value, the better.

Three touches: HEPA filter determines good air

Select the purifier should focus on its HEPA filter, it is best to go to the mall to compare its material, workmanship and thickness. In simple terms, the thicker the HEPA filter to purify the PM2.5 effect. Simpler

Distinguish, can be compared according to the level of HEPA, currently on the market ordinary air purifier, using the H10, H9 level of the HEPA network, some high-end air purifier brand, using the H12

Level of HEPA network, very few high-end air purifier using H13 level HEPA network, its PM2.5 one-time purification efficiency of more than 99.9%, filtering effect excellent.

Four listen: The noise value cannot be big

Generally speaking, the noise in normal environment is 40-70 decibels. Noise, we do not want to hear, especially at night, if the noise of up to 60-70 decibels, will have a great impact.

But for this problem, the air purifier manufacturers are fully considered. Many air purifiers have different wind patterns, such as providing a different model for low school. In addition, some

The product also added sleep mode, the measured noise is 26 db (normal environment is 20 db). For models that do not have sleep patterns, consumers should try not to buy more than 60 decibels of noise when buying.

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