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Air Purifier Product Description

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Description of air purifier:

• The first layer---aluminum-based plasma static power grid: The world's first to use honeycomb-shaped aluminum-based plasma electrostatic technology, dust collection efficiency ≥ 99.9%.

• The second layer---HEPA filter: particulate matter purification efficiency ≥99.999%, the smallest purification particles up to 0.0001mm.

• Third-layer---UV ultraviolet light: natural bacteria kill rate ≥ 97.6%.

• Layer Fourth---photocatalyst filter: inhibit virus activity and kill germs efficiently.

• Layer Fifth---Activated carbon screen: Formaldehyde removal rate ≥96.2%, benzene removal rate ≥72.5%, general organic gas, odor removal rate ≥ 98%.

• Layer Sixth---Ion Group: 8 million ions per second to form ion groups, for your home to create an equivalent of 15000m fresh natural ecological environment.

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