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Air Purifier

- May 24, 2017 -

Air purifier, also known as the "air cleaner", air freshener, purifier refers to the ability to adsorb, decompose or transform all kinds of air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde, such as decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc.), effectively improve the air cleanliness of home appliances products, mainly divided into household, commercial, industrial, building.

There are many different technologies and mediums in the air purifier that enable it to provide clean and safe air to users. Commonly used air purification technology are: adsorption technology, negative (positive) ion technology, catalytic technology, photocatalyst technology, ultra-structured optical mineralization technology, HEPA high efficiency filtration technology, electrostatic dust collection technology, etc. materials technology mainly include: photocatalyst, activated carbon, carbon core filter technology, synthetic fiber, heap high efficiency materials, negative ion generator and so on. The existing air purifier is more complex, that is, the use of a variety of purification technology and material media.

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