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Advantages Of Air Cleaner For Smoke

- Oct 12, 2017 -

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Advantages of air cleaner for smoke

1, Air cleaner for smoke flexible move in any place of the workshop, not from the dust point is not fixed constraints.

2 、 Air cleaner for smoke the equipment is equipped with universal casters to facilitate the positioning of equipment.

3、 The treatment efficiency of 3, incomparable, at rated air volume, dust removal rate is more than 99%, the clean air can be discharged after the treatment cycle emissions directly in the workshop.

4, the use of filter type purification methods, efficient German imports of high precision (PTFE) film coated filter, purification efficiency, low cost of materials, no need to change frequently, saving environmental protection.

5 、 the equipment is equipped with automatic pulse cleaning device, which can maintain the constant suction rate and constant purification capacity of the equipment.  (optional according to requirements)

6 、 Air cleaner for smoke specially designed control system of the equipment is safe and stable, equipped with high voltage leakage protection.

7, the use of universal suction arm, can hover in three-dimensional space in any position, 360 degrees easily and flexibly to any direction dust spots, welding workers can work more efficiently.

8, special conditions can be selected in accordance with the corresponding dust suction hood.

9 、  Air cleaner for smoke after special shock absorption and noise reduction, it ensures the noise and environmental protection of the equipment.

10 、 the equipment is easy to operate and easy to clean and maintain.

11, the source of pollution can be mobile stand-alone processing or multi station centralized processing.

12,  Air cleaner for smoke according to customer special requirements R & D, custom-made. 

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