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Working principle of air purifier

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Air purifier through indoor air adsorption, filtration, catalytic decomposition and the release of anion and other means, filter dust, eliminate odor and harmful gases, kill bacteria, mold, to improve indoor air quality.

The typical air purifier consists of high-voltage circuit, negative ion generator, breeze fan, air filter and so on. Mainly uses the infrared remote control, the clearance operation and so on controls the way, the filter form has the mechanical type, the electrostatic type and the mechanical electrostatic mixing type.

Air purifier have two types of high-voltage production circuit: One is 220V mains direct boost, double voltage rectification. The other is the power transformer step-down and rectifier after the formation of Low-voltage direct current, and then by self-excited Oscillation Boost, rectifier, filter to form DC high voltage. Both form circuits produce high pressures between KV and tens of thousands of volts. By discharging the needle electrodes, the charged dust is sucked onto the electrode plate with positive charge. air filter with activated carbon or a class of nutrients adsorption odor, filter out the harmful substances in the air. The anion discharge electrode is a group of needle-like metal bodies. After the power supply, High-voltage circuit generated DC high pressure on the air continuously ionized, producing a large number of positive and negative ions. Because of the needle-like emitter with negative high pressure, it absorbs positive ions, leaving a large number of negative ions are rejected by the high pressure, by the breeze fan blowing, forming anion wind, to purify the air.

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