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Why Use air purifier

- Dec 06, 2017 -

The air purifier in the market more and more, why air purifier more and more people's favor and concern?

Generally, a person needs to eat 1 kilograms of food a day, drink 2 kilograms of water, breathe 32 kilograms of air. According to the EPA, the air pollution in the room is 2-5 times that of outdoor air, sometimes even up to 100 times times, while almost 90% of modern people are indoors. These pollutants are due to outdoor car exhaust, industrial waste gas and so on as windows open into the room, the air will go out from the gap, but a large number of particles will stay.

So air purifier expert Ogilvy reminds you: the prolonged breathing of polluted indoor air can cause headaches, dizziness, fainting, irritation of the eyes and ears, and even the incurable allergic and asthma respiratory diseases, indoor air pollution has become the invisible killer that human beings can not ignore. To address indoor air pollution, the EPA recommends the use of air purifiers.

Ada air purifier to protect you love every corner of the home!

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