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Why is the new wind system able to solve the increasingly polluted air problem

- May 16, 2018 -

This year, with the rapid development of the society and economy, many problems, such as the increasingly serious environmental pollution, have made people more and more concerned about the air pollution, and the higher the demand for air quality. Faced with this problem, how do people solve the polluted urban environment? This is the most concern of the people. However, we need not worry about this problem now. The editor of the Olympic air cleaner tells you that the new wind system can solve this problem. Then someone is wondering, what is the new wind system? Why is it so big? The following will be for you.

First of all, to understand the working principle of the new wind system: it is based on the special equipment in the closed indoor air to the indoor air, and then from the other side by the special equipment to the outside, in the indoor formation of a new air flow field principle, to meet the needs of indoor air ventilation.

Next, the editor of the Olympic air cleaner helps you understand the main function of the fresh air system.

1. in a sealed space, it can breathe fresh air without opening windows, and it can avoid indoor hypoxia and certification.

2., it can prevent mosquitoes, dust and germs from entering the room, so that you can enjoy a healthy life.

3., it can filter out harmful substances such as fog, haze, PM2.5 and other air.

4. clean up indoor pollutants. After the house is decorated, the poisonous and harmful gases emitted from the house will be discharged to the outside to ensure the indoor air is fresh and healthy.

5. indoor ventilation, to provide fresh air for people to breathe, to discharge indoor polluted air, and to keep the room comfortable and smooth for 24 hours.

6. deodorization. The new wind can quickly discharge the odor caused by various causes and create a comfortable environment.

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