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whats a ventilation system

- Sep 22, 2017 -

                                        whats a ventilation system

Ventilation System.jpgVentilation system is a kind of building environment control technology, which can control the spread and harm of air pollutants by means of ventilation system, dilution or ventilation elimination, and ensure the quality of indoor and outdoor air environment. The ventilation system is the complete set of devices for ventilation, including air intakes, air outlets, air supply ducts, fans, cooling and heating, filters, control systems, and other ancillary equipment.Main categories of ventilation systems:

According to the ventilation system power categories: natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation;

In accordance with the ventilation system service range: full ventilation, partial ventilation;

According to the direction of air classification: send (enter), exhaust (smoke);

According to the classification of ventilation system purposes: general ventilation, hot air heating, detoxification and dust removal, accident ventilation, protective ventilation, building smoke control and so on;

According to the location of power categories: power centralized and power distribution.


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