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What kind of air purifier is better in a child's bedroom?

- Jan 23, 2018 -

A lot of friends are asking if there is a child in the family, do not put an air purifier in the children's bedroom to help purify the air, let the child breathe cleaner air?

Family members believe that the new arrival of the baby, the body function is not mature, low resistance, very vulnerable to outside intrusion, want to give the baby to create a clean growth environment, to prevent the baby disease. This practice of child-rearing air purifier experts do not agree, put the baby in a greenhouse, although the baby less intrusive less sick, but the future of children's physical fitness and resistance also in the greenhouse to develop, immune defense capacity is equally fragile. Therefore, the parenting experts are advised to be good outdoors or mild air pollution or natural ventilation is better, open at least 3 times a day window, 10-15 minutes each time. In case of serious air pollution, it is advisable to open the air purifier properly and filter the contaminants in the air.

If so, what kind of air purifier should be chosen? Air purifier experts suggest that the air purifier only in the air quality is not good, and it is best not to put in the baby room, to avoid electromagnetic radiation or noise interference is better.

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