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What is the purpose of vehicle air purifier

- Nov 21, 2017 -

Air Ionizer Car.jpgAir Ionizer Car, also known as car air purifier, car air purifier, is dedicated to purify the car in the air odor, toxic and harmful gases, bacteria, viruses and other car contaminated air purification equipment. Now the mainstream car air purifier brands are PHILPS, SHARP, YADU, Waugh, etc.

(a) the filter type air purifier using filter type air purifier products of high purification efficiency, high efficiency and small motor equipment it used in spacecraft level, the motor life up to 60 thousand hours per hour, 3 cubic meters of air filter can be more than 10 times, to fully guarantee the purification rate of the air inside the car. In addition, it also has HESA and HEPA three filter combination, can purify the car as small as 0.3 micron fine particles, secondhand smoke, formaldehyde, toluene, bacteria and other harmful substances efficiently. The purification process is rapid and comprehensive

(two) the electrostatic dust collecting type air purifier electrostatic dust collection type air purifier is the need to coordinate with other equipment to achieve high purification effect, due to electrostatic dust collection type air purifier can not fully absorb and eliminate odor, can decompose toxic chemical gas completely. The same time, the effect of purification and the purification efficiency decreases with the accumulation of suspended particles increases, the need for frequent cleaning dust collecting plate to restore its effectiveness and efficiency, so the maintenance cost is high.

(three) ozone Air Ionizer Car ozone air purifier is working principle is to produce ozone to purify the air inside the car, in order to improve the quality of the air inside the car. Although ozone has a certain effect on bacteria, especially for amines, nicotine, bacteria and so on. But in the use of this type of car air purifier, we should pay attention to the concentration of ozone in the compartment, because if the ozone concentration is too high, it will produce two pollution, causing harm to human health. (four) Plasmacluster air purifier Plasmacluster air purifier using Plasmacluster generator spray special and safe Plasmacluster, removal of formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria, odor and allergens; special skills, using the Coanda effect, make the Plasmacluster reach every corner of the compartment, purification do not use left corner; about 17500 hours before the need for ion generator. However, this type of purifier is often limited by efficiency, and takes a long time to produce significant results.

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