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What is an electronic air purifier

- Oct 24, 2017 -

What is an electronic air Cleaner?

The core module of the electronic air cleaner is high voltage electrostatic module, the standard is equipped with aluminum pre filtering module, optional characteristic module and negative oxygen ion module.

Electronic air purifier for air conditioning outlet is the practical need of energy saving and environmental protection for building and building. One or two years after the new central air conditioning system has been put into use, the performance of the air outlet is obviously decreased. The fundamental reason is that the filter efficiency is too low and the ash deposition in the inner pipeline is serious. In developed countries, the central air-conditioning system needs to be cleaned once every 6 years when the filter with efficiency of F5 is used; the central air conditioning system using F7 efficiency filter does not need to be cleaned for more than 20 years. Some central air conditioning system, the filter is only coarse effect, or no filter, used 1 years later, central air conditioning disease frequently.

The loss of air conditioning performance caused by ash deposition is far greater than the cost of using the best filter, and the cleaning cost will be much higher than the cost of using the best filter. In developed countries, the cost of cleaning air conditioning systems is 30 times the difference between good and bad filters.

In the field of indoor air purification, electrostatic purification equipment is the positive corona discharge generated by ozone, the lower, the particulate matter in the air with a positive charge, then by using the Coulomb force, the charged particles adsorbed on the dust collecting device, which plays the role of dust. The bacteria and viruses in the air are generally attached to the particles, and exist in the form of microbial aerosols. After the aerosol is adsorbed on the dust collecting device, the cell membrane of microorganism is broken by high voltage electric field, and the protein in the cell is denatured or separated, so as to play the role of sterilization. This bactericidal effect avoids the two pollution problems of the conventional filter after the adsorption of microbial aerosol.

Compared with the honeycomb type electronic air purifier and the net type electronic air purifier, the flat type electronic air purifier has the highest efficiency. Positive corona discharge will produce positive ions in the neutral particles will be attached to the above, the positively charged particles, positively charged into the aluminum metal plate composed of parallel collecting space, because the positively charged metal plate and the ground are staggered, so in the space to form a uniform electric field. The charged particles are deposited on the ground plate by electrostatic repulsion of the positive plate in the electric field.

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