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What is a car ion generator

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Car air ionizer, is the use of high-voltage transformer voltage boost voltage to the required voltage method to produce negative ions, released into the surrounding air, purify the air, improve people's living environment. This kind of equipment with artificial air anion is called air negative ion generator or negative ion generator, referred to as car ion generator.

Negative ions are used by the negative ion generator pulse, the oscillating electrical appliances will be low voltage up to the DC negative high pressure, the use of carbon brush tip DC high pressure to produce high corona, high-speed release of a large number of electrons (e-), and electrons can not exist long In the air (the existence of electronic life only nS level), will immediately be the air of oxygen molecules (O2) to capture, the formation of negative ions, and its working principle and the natural phenomenon "thunder and lightning" when the phenomenon of negative ions.

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