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What are the purifying materials of indoor air purifier?

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Indoor air purification materials to adapt to indoor environmental pollution market needs to develop. In a few short years, the development of air freshener, odor scavenger, formaldehyde capture agent, benzene scavenger, atayal blue harmful gas absorbent and other products. A variety of new types of photocatalyst, cold catalyst material has become a hot product development, constantly have new products into the market, the original titanium Photocatalyst technology, not only inherited the technology early nano-materials, photocatalysis and antimicrobial antibacterial and other basic functions, and through the further research and upgrading of their own activation technology, technology and coating technology, Further enhance the technical efficacy of photocatalyst, but also use the principle of Chinese herbal medicine to clear indoor harmful gases, become the main product of indoor air pollution treatment in China.

(a) Activated carbon: Because the pore has the adsorption potential, it is formed by the gravitational force of carbon molecule and adsorbed molecule, the smaller the pore size, the stronger the adsorption potential, which is a new type of activated carbon, the smaller the pore adsorption is stronger. In addition, according to the theory of molecular motion, all objects are composed of molecules or atoms, there is a gap between them, and at the same time in the restless and irregular hot motion state, the molecules collide with each other very frequently. According to the relevant data, in standard state, the free movement of formaldehyde molecules is about 450 m/s, a formaldehyde molecule and other molecules to collide 109 times per second. At this point, the diameter of the collision molecule and the activated carbon pore if the match, that is adsorbed. 

(ii) Photocatalyst: Under the light irradiation, will produce the similar photosynthesis photocatalytic reaction, produces the oxidizing ability extremely strong free hydroxyl and the active oxygen, has the very strong light redox function, may oxidize the various organic compounds and the partial inorganic, can destroy the bacterium's cell membrane and the Cure virus protein, Can kill bacteria and decompose organic pollutants, decompose organic pollutants into non-polluting water (h₂o), carbon dioxide (co₂) and other harmless substances, thus has a strong sterilization, deodorization, mildew, anti-fouling self-cleaning, clean air function. 

(iii) Biological enzymes: Enzymes are catalyzed organisms produced by living cells. They are generally extracted from the plant protein, through a certain technology atomization processing, spray in the indoor air, so that they and the air harmful molecules fully contact, destroy the harmful gas atom structure.

(iv) Formaldehyde elimination agent: the use of High-tech environmental protection technology, according to plant absorption of formaldehyde and other harmful gases natural principle developed, this product contains plant extracts, not organic solvents, is a green environmental protection products, can efficiently and quickly remove indoor formaldehyde and other harmful decoration pollutants, purification of indoor air. 

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