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What are the common mistakes in air purifier

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Myth 1: Open the Purifier when you enter the door

Under normal circumstances, we are entering the door to open the purifier, short time air purifier effect is not good. So it is very important to open the air purifier in advance, the current market has many air Purifiers support remote boot, you can go home before the air purifier open.

Myth 2: Air purifiers are placed everywhere, do not pay attention to safety

It is also undesirable for most users to put the air purifier directly against the wall or place it nearby. The wall placed limits the flow of air, reducing the efficiency; as the air purifier first adsorbed the harmful substances in the air, and then filtered through the filter, emission of filtered air. So if the air purifier is too close to the human body, then harmful gas will be more, people will naturally inhale harmful gases, resulting in the loss of the candle. Therefore, the air purifier placed to keep a certain distance from the wall, a higher position, this for families with children, but also to prevent children to reach the hands into the purifier wind leaf bin.

Myth 3: Too dependent on air purifier

Buy the air purifier, not all day closed windows and open air purifier, which is not conducive to the use of air purifiers, but also detrimental to your health. In fact, as long as the outdoor weather is good, just open window ventilation is better than the effect of air purifier. Especially the new decoration of the house, not too superstitious air purifier can completely remove formaldehyde, in fact, ventilation is the most effective way to remove formaldehyde, air purifier can only be used as auxiliary.

Myth 4: When you sleep, you will also open the air purifier.

When the air purifier is running, it will inevitably produce noise. Therefore, in the rest or sleep at night to recommend less use of purifier, you can regularly turn off the air purifier. Or turn on quiet mode.

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