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The air purifier and the fresh air system choose which is better?

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Air Purifier: Its core purpose is to purify indoor air, filter PM2.5, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, so that indoor air to maintain the level of health-friendly. Air purifiers are treated with indoor air, the effect is to reduce the content of PM2.5 and TVOC, but can not change the oxygen content.

Fresh air System: Its most basic function is to breathe, through the doors and windows of the indoor introduction of a new atmosphere, to maintain indoor air oxygen content. And now the fresh air system also added filter function. The main function of the fresh air system is to reduce the content of PM2.5 and TVOC by breathing and guaranteeing the oxygen content. From the functional point of view, the fresh air system seems to be more omnipotent, that is not as long as the installation of fresh air system on it?


The first task of the fresh air system is to introduce new atmosphere, if its filtration is too strong, it will affect its ventilation efficiency. Therefore, the air system generally can only be coarse filtration.

In the CCTV financial "consumption proposition" column of a test, indoor PM2.5 concentration 70μg/m³, open the fresh air system after 1 hours only down to 40μg/m³, and open the CADR400 air purifier 1 hours, indoor PM2.5 concentration down to 14μg/m³, if the change cadr800+ Breathing air purifier, purification efficiency gap is conceivable.

The operation has specialized, the fresh air system is responsible for keeping the indoor oxygen content, and carries on a preliminary filtration, the air purifier is responsible for enters the indoor air repeatedly to clean, finally achieves conforms to the healthy standard.

Therefore, the fresh air system is not the relationship between the two and the gas purifier. Under conditions, especially the new home, it is recommended that the installation of fresh air system should be preferred. If the air quality in your area is not good, the fresh air system can be used with the purifier to provide you with a more comprehensive and healthy breathing environment.

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