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Technical introduction of Air purifier

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Human Nature Technology of air purifier:

• Air quality automatic detection: built-in odor sensor and micro-dust sensor, automatic detection of various sources of pollution in the air, and according to the detection of environmental air quality conditions to automatically control the state of the machine.

• Air Purification Indicator: The machine in the running process, the air purification led by Red → yellow → blue, at a glance to indicate the ambient air quality conditions.

• Automatic alarm: Set up the screen replacement warning lights, aluminum-based plasma static power grid cleaning warning lights, UV replacement warning lights.

• Airborne computer: Microcomputer automatic control, according to the need to set "manual, Automatic, timing, air quality automatic detection" mode of operation.

• Set boot and shutdown music, coupled with LED color display technology, B-777 Intelligent technology applications fully present the charm of human technology.

Innovative technology of air purifier:

• Aluminum-based plasma electrostatic technology: the use of honeycomb porous surface of the aluminum dust-gathering interface, the application of gas ionization and dust particle charge principle

The construction of high-voltage electrostatic field, so that the all-pervasive particles can not escape. And its flushing, reusable characteristics, more consumers reduce the cost of consumption of supplies.

• Clean Ion Group technology: The world's first development of clean ion Group purification technology, a change of traditional technology application of the defects, to ensure a continuous high concentration of negative ions to form a group of ions.

· UV Air Sterilization Technology: The use of UV germicidal physical properties, combined with product filter characteristics, and according to the direction of the principle, the realization of UV light on the high speed flow of bacteria in the air of killing.

· HEPA filter: Using the latest generation of static glass fiber filter, plus natural antibacterial catechin essence, can effectively inhibit the filter to capture allergens and bacteria activities.

• Photocatalyst Filter: The use of titanium dioxide nano-materials, its super oxidation function can destroy the screen to capture the bacterial cell membrane, coagulation virus protein, inhibit the virus activity.

• Activated Carbon filter: Porous walnut shell and through the modern bio-carbonation synthesis technology developed, the total adsorption area of activated carbon of the machine up to 700000m.

• Prolong the service life of the filter 2~5: According to the principle of wind direction, innovative design of the structure of filter material. The experimental results show that the suspended particulate matter in air can be reduced by more than 99% after the polluted air has been washed by the aluminum-based plasma static power grid, thus prolonging the service life of HEPA and activated Carbon Filter network.

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