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Purifying principle of household air purifier

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Air Purifier According to purification technology can be divided into physical adsorption, high-voltage electric field, photocatalysis, chemical complexation, negative ions and so on. Physical adsorption is usually through the installation of activated carbon network, the toxic substances adsorption, adsorption capacity and the density of activated carbon network; high-voltage electric field is through the high-voltage discharge of the particles through the electric field of ionization to make it charged, through the movement of electric charge to remove particulate matter; Photocatalysis is the use of TiO2 At room temperature or ultraviolet lamp irradiation, the harmful gas is catalyzed oxidation into harmless gas, thus clean air chemical complexation is the use of chemical complexation reaction, so that harmful gas and complexing agent in the air react to form macromolecules harmless products, to purify the air Negative ions can react with small particles or gas molecules with positive ions in the air, eliminate smell and fresh air, and provide people with a "micro-climatic environment" similar to nature.

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