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Precautions to be taken during installation of fresh air system

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Now whether it is a business or a personal home, we can see the new air system "figure". Now the social environment is becoming more and more serious, people gradually realized the importance of indoor air quality, if want to improve indoor air quality, natural ventilation (that is, open windows, door ventilation) is often not enough. Under the Austrian new air system experts to look at the new air system installation process of protection measures.

Pre-installation Protection preparation:

1. Prepare ground protective cloth and furniture protective cloth.

2. Prepare the waterproof cover and dustproof cover of the drilling equipment.

3. Prepare clean rags and sandpaper.

Protection in Installation:

1. Cover the furniture and floor of the installation room with the protective cloth;

2, in the water drilling must install the protective cover;

3. After punching, wipe or polish the wall surface contaminants immediately.

Post-Installation protection

1, after installation, will be installed when the garbage generated by the production of the bag or carton, the stage after the construction clearance to the outdoor designated location.

2, when necessary, cleaning company personnel in advance to carry out health professional clean-up.

The above content is the new air system installation process of the protection measures, if you are living in the newly renovated home, fresh air system is to solve the decoration after the most economical and effective way of pollution.

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