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The need to pay attention to the protective measures in the installation process of the fresh air system

- May 31, 2018 -

Nowadays, whether it is a business or personal home, we can see the "body" of the new air system. Nowadays, the environmental pollution in the society is becoming more and more severe. People gradually realize the importance of indoor air quality. If you want to improve the indoor air quality, natural ventilation (ie window opening, door opening ventilation) is often insufficient. The following experts from Odeo's new air system will take a look at the protective measures during the installation of the fresh air system.

Pre-installation protection preparation:

1. Prepare protective floor cloths and furniture protective cloths.

2, ready to punch equipment waterproof cover, dust cover.

3. Prepare clean rags and sandpaper.

Protection during installation:

1. Cover the protective cloth on the furniture and the floor of the installation room;

2. The protective cover must be installed when drilling a rhinestone;

3. After the hole is punched, immediately wipe or polish off the wall surface contamination.

Post-installation protection

1. After the installation is completed, the garbage generated during the installation shall be loaded into the self-prepared preparation bag or carton, and cleared to an outdoor designated location after the construction.

2. If necessary, clean the company's personnel in advance to clean up the health professional.

The above content is the protective measures during the installation of the fresh air system. If you live in a new home that has just been renovated, the fresh air system is the most economical and effective way to solve a variety of air pollution after renovations.

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