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Is the car air purifier useful

- Dec 12, 2017 -

What are the air pollution sources in the car, you know?

The air pollution in the car is mainly formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC, PM2.5, second-hand smoke, bacteria, automotive interiors, a large number of plastic and adhesives, is the vehicle formaldehyde, TOVC and other volatile organic pollutants, the main source of the car engine running heat will make volatile organic compounds accelerated volatilization, The engine also produces amines, nicotine and other substances, cushion, plush toys are the source of the release of bacteria, the whole atmosphere is shrouded in fog haze, the car air pollution is unavoidable, as well as secondhand smoke and other air pollution, at all times threatening the health of drivers and motorists.

Is the car air purifier useful? What is the standard?

Many people may say that the air pollution in the car is understood, and can not be avoided, but the effect on the car air purifier is doubtful. Whether the car air purifier is useful, to the data to speak. What are the ways to verify?

1, Cadr value

2015 Air purifier new GB, all automotive products need to carry out "3m space Cadr test" standard, the higher the CADR value, indicating the higher the speed of air purifier, the better!

2. Purifying effect of vehicle air purifier

Purifying effect is to verify whether the air purifier is useful key factors, it can effectively absorb and filter out formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC, PM2.5, second-hand smoke, bacteria and other sources of pollution.

3, Car air purifier can release anion

Negative ions on the health of the human body is certified by the medical, car air purifier with the performance of the release of anion, so that the air in the car to meet health standards.

4, professional design, authoritative testing

The air purifier placed in the car is small and exquisite, with a simple button to operate. The air purifier This kind of household electrical appliances product, whether is the household or the vehicle, must have the authoritative examination report, this is the consumer to pay special attention.

Car Air purifier which brand is good? Why did you choose ADA?

Car Air Purifier Brand dazzling, do not know the brand good? This is also a big problem that consumers face when they buy. Xiao Bian said in this new listing of Ada car Air purifier, a 25-year study in the empty industry brand, has also been introduced to a variety of series of vehicles in the Air Purifier series.

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