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Is Air Cleaner useful?

- Aug 17, 2017 -

Is Air Cleaner useful?

Water and air pollution often raise our concerns about the living environment. For outdoor air pollution, we have nothing to do but wearing a mask personally. But for indoor air pollution, we can protect ourselves by using air purifiers. How harmful is indoor pollution to us? Is indoor air purifier really useful for pollution?

Here we list three most serious indoor air pollutants. First, the harmful gases caused by indoor decoration; Second, all kinds of dust particles, including haze; Third, the odors produced in daily life. .

First, the residual pollutant caused by home decoration
Decoration pollution in China is unique and a particularly serious class one pollution, the main pollutants are called TVOC (the volatile organic compounds). People are more familiar with the harmful gases causing indoor air pollution, such as formaldehyde, benzene and toluene, xylene, etc. are also part of the TVOC category.

Second, particulate pollutant
Particles do not exist in the haze weather only, they are everywhere in normal weather, and it does large harm to the human body. In the process of breathing, particles with a diameter of 5 microns or more can go to the tracheal bronchi, but particles of 5 microns or less, especially 1 to 3 microns, enter the alveoli where the alveoli is exchanged for gas and the particles are Macrophages are swallowed, and remain in the alveoli forever, or dissolved in the blood, with the blood circulation throughout the body.

When the pollution is light, it has great impact on the susceptible population, from children, the elderly, respiratory diseases to cardiovascular disease patients. With the increase in haze pollution, it then affects the whole population. As the surface of PM2.5 adsorbed organic compounds easily. For example, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are easily adsorbed in particles with size below 5mm instead of large particles. That is to say, the more fine particles in the air, the higher chance that we contact Carcinogens, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Third, Odor pollutant
There are many reasons for the cause of odors, including the smell of tobacco and alcohol, rotted food and garbage, as well as the odor generated by the bathroom.

Basic working principles for air purifiers:
In order to verify the effectiveness of the air purifier, we need to figure out whether the air purifier can remove the solid or gaseous pollutants in the air. So we will start from the working principle of the purifier to illustrate.

For fine particles, what air purifier needs to do is to keep the fine particles on the filter by some means. There are many ways to stop the particles, summed up no more than two ways: the particles themselves hit, or the filter absorbs the particles through a certain force. The former way is naturally more effective for larger particles, and the latter one is more effective for smaller particles. The combination of the two methods is difficult to filter out, that is, those sort of small particles - that is used to calibrate the efficiency of the standard fine particles (aerodynamic diameter of 0.3 micron particles). The use of consumables filter of the two filters at the same time apply the principle; and for non-consumable high-voltage electrostatic filter, then the main adsorption, only one of the ways.

For gaseous pollutants, the current viable approach is basically only activated carbon. Possible improvement is the addition of activated carbon adsorption on the basis of the catalyst, so that adsorption of formaldehyde and other gaseous organic matter can be part of the decomposition, thereby increasing the cumulative purification of the filter.

In short, for different pollutants, the basic principle of air purifier is to constantly make the indoor air circulated, and to use a certain mean to keep the air pollutants adsorbed on the filter, and then discharge the filtered air, keep the circulation repeatedly, so to protect human body from pollutions, and purify fresh air for humans.

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