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Introduction of anion Air purifier principle

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Anion Air purifier: is a kind of use of the negative ions produced by the air purification, dust, odor, sterilization environment to optimize the electrical appliances, its core function is to generate negative ions, the use of the anion itself with dust removal, sterilization and detoxification characteristics of indoor air optimization. The difference between it and the traditional air purifier is that the anion is the function factor, take the initiative to catch the harmful substances in the air, while the traditional air purifier is fan ventilation, filter dust using filters to purify the air, called passive adsorption filter purification principle, need to replace the filter regularly, and anion air purifier without supplies. At present, anion converter technology and Nazifuller anion-releasing device technology of anion air purifier even fans do not need, no noise, can also be used at night.

Negative ions can not only promote the human body to synthesize and store vitamins, strengthen and activate the human body's physiological activities, so it is also known as "air vitamins", that it is like food vitamins, the human body and other biological life activities have a very important impact, such as after the thunderstorm, the air anion increased, people feel comfortable. And in air-conditioned rooms, because the air purifier after a series of air conditioning purification and long ventilation pipeline almost all disappeared, people in which long stay will feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, work efficiency and health condition decline, is called "air-conditioning syndrome." In the medical world, negative ions are recognized as effective means of killing germs and purifying air. The mechanism mainly lies in the combination of anion and bacteria, causing the bacteria to produce structural changes or energy transfer, resulting in bacterial death, eventually sinking into the ground. Medical research shows that the negative particles in the air to increase the oxygen content in blood, conducive to blood oxygen transport, absorption and use, with the promotion of human metabolism, improve human immune ability, enhance human muscle energy, regulate the function of the body balance. According to research, negative ions on the human body 7 systems, nearly 30 kinds of diseases have inhibition, mitigation and adjuvant treatment, especially for the health of the human body more obvious, anion in the medical sector is called "Air vitamins."

Air anion also has sedative, hypnotic function. If we inhale the right amount of anion every day, perseverance, health benefits: to make people energetic, eliminate fatigue and burnout, improve work efficiency. Improve sleep, eliminate neurasthenia. Reduce the incidence of disease, prevention of colds and respiratory diseases. Improve the symptoms of cardio and cerebrovascular diseases.   Under the action of anion, the increase of the bone excitability and the decrease of the exercise value can help the athlete to improve the result, especially for some items needing quick response, such as dash, swimming, etc. Supplemental ecological negative oxygen ions can improve the body's sub-health state. Medical research has proved that there is a positive correlation between the concentration of air anion in human living environment and the health level of human body. High concentrations of ecological negative oxygen ions in the air for conditioning the body's sub-health state is very important. The ecological negative oxygen ions through the blood brain barrier by the human body absorption and utilization will adjust the body's acid-base imbalance and redox imbalance, restore the normal metabolic state, can improve the body's immunity and resistance. In addition, the air anion has excellent purification dust removal effect, can effectively remove PM2.5, haze and other air pollution, decomposition of formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, care for health.

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