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Important reasons for using air purifier

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Air purifier penetration rate in Europe and the United States is very high, even we know that these air purifiers belong to the country is the blue sky countries, there is no haze problem, then why do they have so many people use air purifier? Where is the demand?

Reason one: Natural air pollution

The third biggest culprit in indoor pollution is air pollution, which is what we often call PM2.5. The harm of dust itself is not serious, but lies in the large area of PM2.5 particles, active, easy to attach poisonous, harmful substances (for example, heavy metals, microorganisms, etc.), and in the atmosphere long stay, transmission distance, and thus to human health and atmospheric environmental quality of the greater impact.

Reason two: pollen

Many people do not care about "allergies" or even think they are not part of an allergic group. In fact, in the high pollen period, sneezing, runny nose, tears, nasal congestion is the manifestation of allergic symptoms, but the user allergy is not serious. Allergic performance is the most serious of children, child skin allergy will be inexplicably angry, too active, disorderly jump, hit bed, fatigue, crouching under the table chair, under the bed or furniture in the dark corner, refused to be contacted, unwilling to wear clothes, strip and so on. Skin allergies in children can lead to significant changes in mood and behavior, hyperactivity, inability to sit quietly for meals, irritability, fatigue, 违拗, depression, aggressive behavior, shaking legs, drowsiness or nightmares, intermittent speech difficulties.

Reason three: Dust mites

Dust mites belong to the true scabies has been recorded in 34 species, of which the main types of human allergic diseases related to house dust mites, dust mites and buried in Europe mites. Dust mite Allergy patients in addition to do a good job in addition to mite mites, dust mite allergy patients will also be allergic to other substances. Dust mite asthma is inhaled asthma, early onset often in infancy, there is a history of infantile eczema, or a history of chronic fine bronchitis. Suddenly, repeated seizures for the characteristics of this symptom, with the appearance of chest tightness flustered, can not supine, breathing difficulties, serious due to hypoxia and lip, finger-end appearance of cyanosis. At the same time, the pathogenesis of allergic rhinitis is inseparable from dust mites.

Because of formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, dust, pollen, dust mites in the presence of these pollution sources, the use of air purifiers. So, choose an air purifier is very important!!!

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