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How to use the air cleaner scientifically

- May 10, 2018 -

With the continuous development of China's economy, the environment is becoming worse and worse. The haze is especially serious in the past two years, which makes people's quality of life greatly affected. In order to improve indoor air quality, many families began to use household air purifiers with single or compound filtration systems. Due to the fact that the air purifier is not popular in China, there are still some consumers who do not know much about the principle and maintenance of air purifier. To know the good quality of the air purification products in long time use, if the use of improper methods, and not properly maintenance, not only life life will be reduced, and even cause two pollution.

It is recommended that at the beginning of the operation of household air purifier, the maximum air volume can be operated for at least 30 minutes and then transferred to other stalls to achieve the effect of rapid air purification. In the use of air purification products to remove indoor air pollutants, it is suggested that the door and window be kept in a relatively sealed state as far as possible to avoid a large amount of interaction between indoor and outdoor air and the reduction of purification effect.

With the filter, adsorption and catalytic principle of the air purifier with the use of time increasing, the collection of dust, bacteria make the filter saturated, the purification capacity of the equipment decreased, at this time the need to clean, replace filter and filter screen. So the dust filter or dust collector in the machine should be cleaned regularly, usually cleaned once a month, and the foam plastic or the plate is cleaned and dried with soap liquid to keep the airflow unobstructed and sanitary. When dust accumulates on the fan and electrode, it must be removed. It is usually maintained every six months. Long hair can be used to remove dust from each electrode and wind blade.

When air purification products are not in use, they should be thoroughly cleaned and packed into a packing box and stored in a ventilated and dry place. Usually should pay attention to moisture-proof, so as not to reduce the use efficiency or damage due to damp.

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