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How to use and maintain air purifier

- Dec 08, 2017 -

1, Air purifier equipment installation location should be far away from the high speed source and focal point, should be installed at all levels of purification plant or air-conditioning plant, can be installed in accordance with the need for horizontal or vertical installation, installation should be placed on the surface of the installation of 5MM thick latex sponge gasket box to ensure tightness.

2, the Air Purifier self-cleaning device installation hole size according to the size of the self-cleaning device to determine.

3, Air purifier equipment if the use of voltage regulator, can adjust the pressure regulator does not change the air surface of the average wind speed, thus the most economical use of the self-cleaning device to improve the efficiency of the filter's service life.

4, in order to ensure the cleanliness of clean areas, each use should be 15 minutes before the boot.

5, clean air blowing forward should be on the need to purify the work area, during the period should avoid a large area of goods block. In the purifying area, the movement of laminar flow should be avoided as far as possible.

6, according to the level of cleanliness of the environment, the top of the pre-filter non-woven filter material removed for cleaning, the interval is generally 3-6 months, the general situation when the pre-filter non-woven filter Material blackening, can be removed cleaning, or to be replaced.

7. Electrical failure requires professional maintenance.

8, air purifier equipment use temperature must not be greater than 50 ℃, and strictly prohibit the use of open flame.

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