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Are Air Purifiers a waste of money?

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Are Air Purifiers a waste of money?

With the increasing air pollution, air purifier has been a part of our daily life, but how to utilize the function of air purifier to the fullest?


Do you really know how to use an air purifier? What are the errors in using the air purifier? Many people bring the air purifier home, and simply do the following actions: open the carton, turn on the air purifier, start the switch, and that’s it. This is right, though there are many tiny details that need to be paid attention to ... As the expert in air treatment, Airdow summarizes the following points: 


1. What specification to be consider before buying the air purifier?

Many people buy the air purifier unit right when they think price is acceptable, and care little about the specifications. If you want to have the purchased air purifier to achieve the highest efficiency, it is better to look at the data marked on the label.


For air purifiers, the most important data is the CADR value, short for Clean Air Delivery Rate, which refers to the amount of clean air output per hour. Maybe before the purchasing, the salesperson will bring you this value, but most people do not care. You may wish to take a closer look at how much your home air purifier CADR value is, this value is the key indicator of air purifier performance, you can also calculate the coverage area of this air purifier through this CADR value.


2. Does the position of air purifier unit have impact on purification efficiency?

Many people will buy the air purifier home, and care little about the placement the unit, this is wrong. In order to ensure that the air purifier achieves the best purification effect, it is recommended to put the air purifier unit in the middle of the house, and should not put it against the walls or furniture, or when in use, allow a distance of 50cm away from the wall, so as to maintain a good air circulation between the air intake and air outlet .


There might be a trace of harmful gases surround some air purifier,, so do not put it too close to the body, especially in the use of electrostatic adsorption products to avoid direct contact with children.


3. Are air purifiers the best mates for air conditioner in summer?

In summer, there are more blue skies and white clouds. Perhaps when you recall the winter days when black clouds above the city, haze raging, and even breathing days are not available, thinking: finally bid farewell to the haze, you can rest assured to breathe fresh air. Relatively speaking, in summer, haze even if the occasional visit, it will not last too many days, the degree of pollution is not so serious in winter, so in summer, most consumers will not choose to buy air purifier thinking there is no necessity, just maintain indoor ventilation.


This is not completely right. Because the air purifier is not only used against PM2.5 pollution, but also used to remove VOC (volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde), remove pathogens and allergens and other effects.


Airdow Air Purifier - five-stage filtration, effectively remove formaldehyde, sterilization, to create negative ion health environment


The first stage: effectively remove the larger volume of dust in the air and prevent the dust from falling on the filter.


The second stage: effectively remove the airborne allergens and mites, pollen bacteria and other bacteria.


The third stage: effectively remove polluted gas, smoking, cooking caused by various types of pollution of the gas, through the special capillary fiber material improvement, a substantial increase in filter dust area, up to 99.9% above the dust effect.


The fourth stage: effectively removes the smell of pet dander, the smell of tobacco, formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia, fresh garbage.


Negative ions: built-in negative ion generator releases high concentration of negative ion, reaching 3 million / CC (per cubic centimeter). The particle size of ionizer is small; completely simulate the natural principles of the formation of ecological negative ions. It can take the initiative to capture small particles, condensate and precipitate. In the air with high concentrations of ecologically negative ions, PM2.5 is zero, including the most harmful bacteria, and the virus. The ionizer can also use negative ions to create negative oxygen ion forest bath sanitation environment, creating a health care effect to human body, giving the family a layer of protection.


See, with an Aridow air purifier placed in the air conditioning room, it easily ease long-blown air conditioning discomfort in summer, but also eliminate formaldehyde and other gases that accelerate the evaporation under high temperature. So when you open the air conditioner, turn on our air purifier as well so you are able to enjoy healthy and fresh air indoor in summer.

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