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How to maintain clean air purifier

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Cleaning of air purifiers, experts said, the maintenance and maintenance of air purifiers, depending on the different brands, different types, but, in general, maintenance and maintenance are relatively simple.

1, the air purifier front screen (usually for the chassis rear cover) for a long time, the front screen will gather some dust, thereby affecting the air intake, affecting the effect of air purification. So, you need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, or to clean with a cloth, and even wash.

2. Air purifier filter net

Some filter nets need to be periodically taken to the sun, so that the cleaning efficiency can be better maintained.

3, air purifier deodorant filter

A few brands of air purifier deodorant filter, has reached the technical level of washable, can be washed through water

Keep the purification efficiency and shorten the period of changing the filter screen.

4. Air cleaner ion generator

Generally built-in, no clean, better ion generator, higher efficiency.

Maintenance of air purifier

1, air purifier rear panel (front screen): do not need to change, cleaning once a month;

2, air purifier HEPA filter: 5 years a change;

3, air purifier can be cleaned deodorizing filter: 5 years a change, when the smell is difficult to get rid of, you can clean the filter;

4, air purifier humidifying screen: 2 years, one month, once cleaning the scale on the filter screen;

5, air purifier in addition to formaldehyde filter: 2 years a change.

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