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How to choose air purifier with high performance price ratio

- Nov 20, 2017 -

How to choose cost-effective air purifier, many people on the surrounding air environment is very troubled, so people began to buy air purifiers. But in the choice of air purifiers, but worried that the purchase of air purifiers are effective. Then how to choose cost-effective air purifier, want to choose a cost-effective air purifier,

The purification technology should be considered first. Air purifier generally have three kinds of purification technology, physical filtration, chemical decomposition, filtration, ion technology, these three categories of technologies. When consumers choose air purifiers, the preferred purification technology is physical filtration technology. In order to ensure the purification effect, the air purifier with multiple purification technologies should be selected as much as possible.

Two look at the anti allergy screen material, filter is an important part of the air purifier, the filter of different materials, the purification effect is different. The filter material in the purifier and the various materials of the purifier are very important. If there are allergic groups in the home, such as children, rhinitis patients, we should consider the use of anti allergy screen.

Three to see the air purifier intelligence, now, the progress of home air purifier is reflected in the function of air purifiers in the constantly humanized and intelligent. For example, people often say remote control, intelligent detection of indoor air quality, intelligent humidification and so on, are the purchase of air purifiers should pay attention to.

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