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How to buy car plug in air purifier

- Oct 12, 2017 -

How to buy car plug in air purifier

The selection of car plug in air purifier is mainly based on the following aspects:

(1) is it convenient and safe to put inside the car?

Convenience and safety are the primary considerations. Because, if it is not easy to put in the car or placed after the existence of security risks, and then a good air purifier can not be selected.

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(1) external volume. Today, the market for on-board air purifiers are mostly flat design, a small number of special placement. When choosing, it is necessary to select the machine that can move in the moving place and operate normally in the car, but it is not easy to move with the car.

(2) manufacturing materials. Generally speaking, wear resistant and high temperature resistant materials are better than those of relatively fragile materials.

(two) is the air purification within the vehicle comprehensive and efficient?

Convenience and safety are the most basic considerations, and the purification effect is the key determinant.

(1) purification methods. Air purifier is generally divided into "filter screen", "purification" and "ion group" purification. The filter screen is mainly used to pump air into the machine through the fan and purify the air through the filter screen. Ion group purification mainly through the ion generator into the air jet ion group, and actively purify air pollution.

(2) air duct design. As the "obstacle" in the car is relatively large, it is necessary to design the air duct in order to completely purify the air in every part of the vehicle. For example, the filter screen air purifier needs better inlet air duct design, and the ion air cleaner needs more scientific air outlet duct design.

(three) the maintenance of on-board air purifier is relatively simple.

Depending on the different filters, some filters need to be replaced periodically to maintain the cleaning effect. The trial time should be more different from the filter material to identify the replacement cycle.

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